David Renaudeau

INRAE (Institut National de recherche pour lŽagriculture, lŽalimentation et lŽenvironnement)
Dr. David Renaudeau, is a senior research scientist in the PEGASE (Physiology, Environment, and Genetics for the Animal and Livestock Systems, F 3590 St Gilles) joint research unit between INRA and AGROCAMPUS OUEST. Since 2017, he is leading the Feeding and Nutrition team. The mains objective of his team is to acquire fundamental and applicable knowledge about animal nutrition (pigs, dairy goats and dairy cattle, veal calves and poultry) with special emphasis of protein, lipid, energy and mineral metabolism. D. Renaudeau has a 25 years expertise on the adaptation of the pigs to the thermal heat stress. He is conducting experiences to better understand the mechanisms underlying heat adaptation in pigs and to propose innovative strategies for better coping with thermal heat stress. This includes the production of new biomarkers for improving management of HS animals and of new phenotypes for breeding for heat tolerance. More recently, he is involved in collaborative researches dealing with the effects of warming climate on pig production.