Peter K. Theil

Universidad de Aarhus (Dinamarca) Investigador Senior en el Departamento de Ciencia Animal - Nutrición molecular y reproducción.
Peter Kappel Theil is full professor at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University in Denmark. Dr. Theil’s research focus on improving sow productivity, mammary growth, colostrum and milk production, piglet survival and growth and major attention is paid to impact these traits via altered sow nutrition during gestation, transition and lactation. His research projects benefit the pig industry and are typically carried out in collaboration with partners within the swine industry including private feedstuff companies. Other academic activities include teaching and supervision of students, oral presentations, opponent at examinations, reviewer of scientific papers and research proposals, leader of the thematic group “monogastric nutrition and physiology” and member of the PhD committee at Aarhus University. Dr. Theil is also member of the Danish National Board for Nutrient recommendations for pigs.